• Love your Saab

    Upgrading your Saab needn't cost as much as you might think. And the results can be quite eye-catching as well as giving your Saab more individual appeal.

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  • Built-in navigation and more

    Your Saab is an object of beauty, so it’s understandable that you may prefer not to clutter its interior with unsightly gadgets and accessories.

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  • Hirsch Performance

    As Saab's exclusive performance upgrade partner, Hirsch Performance designs products that emphasize the fundamental characteristics of the original car.

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  • Accessories Brochure

    Are you a keen cyclist? Or a skier, or boarder? We have roof racks, holders and boot cargo guards for even the most awkward of loads. Or perhaps you prefer your sporting to happen behind the wheel, with sporty spoiler or exhaust enhancements. Download a brochure now and choose from the very best genuine Saab accessories.

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